Presence with Reverence

Skye offers a touch that is symbiotically integrated with intention, Divine presence, potent subtlety, and deep connection that is guided by her breath and intuitional flow.  Skye uses herself as a direct channel of the Goddess and Divine Feminine through her heart and her healing hands that creates a potent space for release of anything that is blocking one from living in their highest expansion of grace and evolution into Love.
It is Skye’s unique service to our human family, especially the ones who are really doing the work, who are open, deeply receptive and assisting the birthing of this New Paradigm. 

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Ceremonial Massage
This type of session unlocks a lot of magic and gets even deeper into the work with an Oracle or Tarot reading of guidance and support, breath work, healing medicine tools, and grounded massage on a mat closer to the Earth. I will lead you into a journey that can open you up to your most Divine self in helping you remember who you really are.
This type of session is one of my most favorites to provide.
1 hr | $85
90 min | $115
2 hrs | $160

Integrated Massage Therapy An integrated massage transmitted from the Heart of Spirit through Skye’s hands that include specific flowing techniques to unlock the physical and mental body, encouraging a deeper sense of peace and relaxation while bringing clients back into their heart and body. This session can be a grounded massage that is on the ground closer to the Earth or on a table. 1 hr | $75 90 min | $105 2 hrs | $145 3 hrs | $245

Cranial Sacral This type of session is very subtle that can induce a deeply rested relaxation. Cranial Sacral includes Intentional, gentle cradling techniques and holds that focuses on the cranial bones, spinal column, sacrum/ tail bone and underlying structures that helps restore the natural position of the bones. With these holds I create a space that encourages your body to correct its own natural rhythm of flow that runs up and down your spine that can influence greater awareness in your own subtlety. Consultation: 1 hr | $45 Introduction: 1 hr | $ 75 90 min session | $105 2 hrs session | $145